Clearbell invests in and advises on a diverse range of real estate projects across the UK, looking past the obvious to spot opportunities where others may not look.

Who we are

Privately-owned by four partners, we are a real estate fund management and advisory business known for thinking around, over and through challenges to find the best solutions. As a partnership and team, our motivation is to continually improve our performance and the service we provide for our clients. Our pace, rhythm and energy push us forward.

With roots in UK real estate investment and development, our four partners have worked closely together since the launch of their first fund in 2007. A collaborative ethos is central to the continued success of this partnership – as is the support of our highly skilled team.

Feet-on-the-ground expertise

Property people with financial expertise

A human touch that builds trust and a unique level of openness

What we do

Put simply, we invest in and advise on a diverse range of real estate projects across the UK. By identifying key macro-economic themes in the UK market, we aim to unlock value throughout market cycles on behalf of investors. Covering everything from active asset management to developing properties across all real estate sectors, we seek out opportunities to create value. But our expertise does not simply make us a safe pair of hands. It also ensures we stay one step ahead, working tirelessly for our investors and clients to make the right judgement – and to find them the very best solutions.

Fund Management

Fund Management

Over the course of 15 years, we have successfully raised four value-add / opportunistic funds – raising over £1.5 billion of committed equity.

£1.5bn Raised

Property Advisory

Property Advisory

We strive to create authentic and trusting relationships with clients. A commitment to providing clear and rigorous advice underpins our ambition to enhance returns of long-term real estate holdings.

Advised on c.£300m

Asset Management

Asset Management

Our focus is on maximising value in respect of each individual asset under management. With in-house, tailored asset management programmes, we aim to add value, crystallising this value through planned exits.



We provide unique co-investment opportunities, giving investors access to direct real estate ownership alongside existing fund structures and via selected stand-alone investments.

Joint Ventures

Joint Ventures

Over the last decade, we have successfully joined up with multiple partners, allowing us to create more opportunities and bring our expertise to a broader range of possibilities.

Project Management

Project Management

Having integrated development and project management skills within Clearbell leads to better outcomes for development and capital projects.

How we do it

We take a collaborative approach to investment which equips us in our decision-making, where complex dynamics are often in play. A measured and controlled approach is vital. In this way, we seek to successfully deliver on real estate investment returns.

To minimise the risk on behalf of every investor, we maintain a forensic eye for detail. We’re committed to transparency in our processes and investor reporting. And by managing risk through this holistic approach to real estate investment, we increase the potential for delivering robust returns and quality real estate investments.

Why we do it

Our first priority is to our investors and clients. But we are acutely aware of the role real estate investment plays in business, local communities and the wider world. Real estate investment decisions can have a lasting impact on the physical environment. For this reason, we place great importance on protecting against future obsolescence and improving the asset for our tenants and users, now and in the future.

Who we work with

Our drive to excel is inspired by our investors. We’re extremely proud of their loyalty and the fact that several of them have partnered with, and committed to, us from the very beginning. In fact, about 75% of commitments come from investors who have supported us in at least two vehicles.

We are UK based with a global investor-base. Our investors come from 14 countries across six continents. They include pension funds, insurance companies, endowments and family offices. Our investor communications not only meet regulatory requirements, but provide clear, timely updates on the performance of each property under management.


Commitments from investors in >2 vehicles


Investor Groups




Separate mandates