We put sustainability at the heart of everything we do.

We seek to drive investment performance based not just on financial returns, but on delivering healthier, greener, and more efficient buildings that bring social benefits to the communities around them.

Our approach is guided by our strong moral compass and the knowledge that environmentally driven decisions make good business sense. The simple fact is that our employees, tenants, and investor clients demand it.

Our commitments.

We set ambitious and measurable targets for our business on a corporate, Funds under management, and individual asset level. In 2022, the ESG Committee highlighted six overarching commitments and is responsible for delivering against them. These higher-level commitments reflect the overarching themes of our sustainability strategy.

1. Understand the pathway to net zero.

Regular collection and analysis of quality data allows us to assess the current building performance and the actions required to bring out assets on a sustainable pathway.

2. Reduce energy consumption.

Reducing energy consumption is key to achieving net zero. A close relationship with our tenants and property managers is fundamental to ensuring we can capture the data and make smart and better choices.

3. Create a positive impact on the community.

Development used to be something you did to a community; now it is something you do with a community. We are committed wherever possible, to find ways to support the wider community and use our assets to create a positive impact.

4. Inspire the next generation in real estate.

As a real estate employer, we are committed to playing our part in inspiring young people and broadening access to the real estate industry.

5. Maintain our high standards.

We believe that good governance is essential for every business and have a policy of following best practice. Strong governance reinforces our management of sustainability risks and related opportunities. We routinely and openly adopt all insurances, risks assessments, and Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

6. Be a fair, engaging, and welcoming place of work.

We have strength in diversity in both through our backgrounds and skillsets and believe that every voice should be heard. This brings perspective and challenges ideas, leading to smarter business decisions. Additionally, we champion collaboration and encourage everyone to understand what is happening across all areas of our business and investments.

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