We have raised £1.5 billion from four funds and three separate accounts.

As established experts, we are able to stay one step ahead of the market and unlock new investment opportunities.

Delivering across the risk spectrum.

We cover a diverse range of investment options, including thematic, discretionary and advisory accounts.

Our recent impact: LOC8, Maidstone.

Leaving the world in a better place, both environmentally and socially, generates higher financial returns too.

EPC A & A+.

Highly energy efficient buildings with some units producing more power than they consume.

10% biodiversity net gain.

Fostering ecosystems through 12-acres of new habitat including c.12,000 new trees.

6 wildlife ponds.

Promoting biodiversity, supporting aquatic life and mitigating flood risk.

Sustainable travel.

Created and encouraged to reduce car usage and support the community.

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