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Clearbell recognises the importance of celebrating the talent and diversity of its team members, both inside and outside of the office. This helps create a team that is united in the pursuit of a common goal and enhances our skills as a successful property manager.

I came to Clearbell as a choreographer, having never worked in an office environment before. It was immediately obvious that there would be opportunities to bring my skills to bear with colleagues, investors and partners every day. The way in which Clearbell incorporates our various aptitudes and wider interests into regular company activity makes it a really unique place to work, and helps bring all 34 staff members closer together.

For example, we used our Christmas party last year as an opportunity to showcase the talents that can sometimes go unnoticed at larger organisations by creating the evening entertainment ourselves. I wrote and directed ‘A Clearbell Christmas Carol’ and Lisa Barry and Rob West, both trivia aficionados, compiled a quiz for the team. At this year’s AGM, our Office Manager and professionally trained singer Sinead, performed in the evening, having worked with a musical director to compile a unique Clearbell set list.

Clearbell also encourages us to live active and healthy lives by participating in sport together. Every year the company takes part in the JLL Property Triathlon and the JP Morgan 5k run. Whether they are participating or not, everyone in the team supports their colleagues . We also did ‘Steptober’ in 2018, recording 13.5 million steps and raising over £3,000 for LandAid by competing with others in the industry for our daily step count. We even installed a treadmill in the office!

Another theme that really does unite everyone in the team is food. Every few months we hold ‘Clearbelly’, which involves us cooking and eating together – attendance is unsurprisingly very high!

We do our very best to maintain this sense of inclusion inside as well as outside the office. Our monthly team meeting gives everyone in the office an opportunity to hear about and comment on company activity, and everyone in the team, whether they are on the investment side or not, is invited to our Investment Committee meetings.

It’s amazing to be part of such a diverse and dynamic team which encourages everyone to bring their personality to the workplace. We’ve seen how this translates to business success too by building and maintaining a tight-knit team.

Iona Holland, Project and Investor Relations Assistant

Enjoying our Clearbell Christmas Carol Quiz!
Left: Supporting members of the team at the JLL Property Triathlon.
Right: Raising money for Steptober with a bit of home baking from the team!

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