Kicking off National Inclusion Week at Clearbell

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As National Inclusion Week begins, we have been reflecting on this year’s theme of unity. While the pandemic may have separated us physically, we have been determined to stay together to connect, collaborate and share. Over the past year, we’ve been finding ways to promote inclusion and unity within our organisation and beyond.

Last year, our Diversity and Inclusion Committee launched the Clearbell Culture Club, which meets regularly to discuss a wide range of topics based on books, documentaries, podcasts and films which explore different aspects of diversity and inclusion. In the last 12 months, we’ve come together six times as a team to discuss among other things the pioneering role of Ruth Bader Ginsburg in championing women’s rights and the life of the travel writer Jan Morris who chronicled her gender journey. The Club acts as a safe and non-judgemental forum for us to have honest and open conversations about diversity and inclusion and helping everyone at Clearbell to engage in continual learning and development.

And outside of Clearbell we are also aware of our role in promoting diversity and inclusion within our industry. We are on the editorial board of The Academy of Real Assets, which aims to widen access to and increase diversity in the real estate industry. As part of our work with them, we took part in a Q&A session with students from 44 state schools with a high proportion of free school meals, to give them an insight into the career opportunities in property. Asset Manager Camilla Powell-Tuck spoke in-depth about her career, work at Clearbell and the importance of ESG and sustainability in the industry. The Academy’s aim is to guide students who are interested in a career in property and support a wider, more diverse group of young people become the next leaders in our industry.

We have also been working with Inspire! – a London based charity working to improve young people’s access to the world of work, raise achievement levels and enhance their future career prospects in the Borough of Hackney. We challenged the students at Highbury Grove to the Clearbell Architect Project, which was all about designing an office space fit for 2021. There were some fantastic ideas, including an office that focused mainly on being environmentally friendly, one with a room for quiet time and relaxation and one with a games room and unlimited snacks and drinks! Our hope is that we will be able to use this type of project going forward and work with schools across the country situated near our assets, as a way of helping to open the doors of the property sector to young people as they look ahead to planning their future careers.

Despite the pandemic, we have remained united as a team and with external partners, and we are committed to continuing our journey to foster a more inclusive culture at Clearbell and in our industry.

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